Level VI ~ Healing the Divide: Adult Journeys in Sand Tray Play

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WA trip June 2012 067.jpg
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Level VI ~ Healing the Divide: Adult Journeys in Sand Tray Play


Summer 2019 - Date TBD

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Level VI focuses specifically on the use of sand tray play within the adult journey.  As adults, we have many and varied experiences of division in our lives - within ourselves, within families and relationships, within our world - divisions that are emotional, relational, political, philosophical, spiritual, cultural, generational, and so on - divisions that yearn for healing on a deep soul level.  As therapists, we know these divisions in our clients' lives as well as our own.  This training will explore how the sand tray process can contribute to "healing the divide" in the adult journey.


13 hours


Sand Tray Play Therapy Levels I-IV at the Center for Sand Tray Play, or approved comparable training.


1.  To deepen therapists' awareness of the themes of division and healing relevant to their own lives
2.  To deepen therapists' use of the sand tray process with adults


Workshop participants will

1.       explore the dynamics of division and healing that are currently impacting their own lives
2.      learn and share a variety of methods for deepening mindfulness and reflective capacity in themselves and with adult clients
3.      explore ways to integrate sand play with mindfulness and other healing practices for adults