Level III ~ The Language of Process in Sand Tray Play Therapy

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Level III ~ The Language of Process in Sand Tray Play Therapy


April 4-5, 2019

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Level III focuses on the language of process, leading to sharpened clinical skills and deepened theoretical perspectives in Sand Tray Play Therapy.  Through directed and non-directed building experiences, group process & discussion, and case study material, participants will explore foundational theories of Sand Tray Therapy, developmental theories and their expression in sand tray play, as well as various approaches to facilitating a group sand tray process.  


13 hours


Sand Tray Play Therapy Levels I & II, or approved comparable training. 


To sharpen clinical skills and deepen theoretical perspectives regarding the process of sand tray play therapy with children, adults, individuals and groups.


Workshop participants will

1.      explore foundational theory of the sand tray process, in particular the multidimensionality of Lowenfeld’s World Technique, and its expression in sand tray play therapy
2.      explore developmental theories and processes in the sand tray play of children and adults
3.      explore the use of sand tray play with group processes
4.      expand skills for facilitating and witnessing therapeutic sand tray play